You probably wonder about dens and who's in charge and what's happening with what den. We get that. We have been there too, so here is your cheat sheet. If you are still confused, let us know...

Pack 113 Den Leaders


Jon Mills
Mike Carlton

Tigers (1st Grade Boys)

Bryce Bettinger
Jason Dorsey
Mike Mangino
Bob Beattie

Wolf (2nd Grade Boys)

Michael Carlton   (513) 404-7788
Adam Elrod         (513) 417-0165

WEBELOS (4th Grade Boys)
Glenn Scott
Adam Elrod

webelos (4th Grade Boys)

Patrick Doyle     (513) 484 - 6430 
Justin Dunn       (513) 508 - 0308 


Brad Bettinger       (513) 871-8663
Scot Fiscus            (513) 252-1407
Jack Ball                (513) 310-6543

Mike Carlton -  Cub Master                              (513) 675-6676

David Gash - Committee Chairman      (513) 461 - 1754


The Rest of the Team...

Popcorn Kernel - Becky Gash

Asst. Popcorn Kernel - Becky Gash

Advancement Chair - Scott Fiscus

Training Czar - Vacant and looking for volunteers

Website & Communications - Clara Matonhodze

Committee Chair - David Gash

Asst. Committee Chair - Brad Bettinger

Treasurer - Giuli Lewis

Historian - Chad Moon

Asst. Cub Master of Games - Justin Dunn

Asst. Cub Master Den of Dens - Mike Carlton

Quarter Master - Brittney Conover

Range Masters - Mike, Jon, Drea, Jack